Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut DLC Moze and Zane Skill Trees Revealed

2K and Gearbox have revealed the final two skill trees coming as part of the Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut DLC. With new active and passive abilities for Moze and Zane, it means all four Vault Hunters have something new to experiment with.Moze’s skill tree is Mother Bear, and swaps out her stompy mech for a mini-mech called Iron Cub. This smaller mech cannot be piloted, but will run around on its own and maul any enemies it finds until its fuel tank runs dry. While the Iron Cub is smaller than the Iron Bear, it has access to the same weapon hardpoints, so can still be equipped with grenade launchers if you so wish. You’ll probably want to use the Salamander flamethrower, though, as the skill tree provides bonuses for setting enemies on fire.Zane’s new skill tree is called The Professional, which comes with the Active Skill MNTIS Shoulder Cannon. This new gun is a high-tech railgun that can be used as an OTT sniper-rifle. Interestingly, The Professional skill tree has an ability that allows the MNTIS to fire a grappling hook instead of a bullet, which allows you to pull enemies towards you for close-quarter kills.

As with Amara and FL4K, the new skill trees have been added to Moze and Zane’s interactive character builders on the Borderlands website, so you can already start planning your new builds ahead of the launch of the Designer’s Cut.

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