Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut New Skill Trees Revealed

2K has revealed two new Skill Trees coming as part of Borderlands 3’s Designer’s Cut, which is coming as part of the game’s second season pass this November.The two new skill trees are for Vault Hunters Amara and FL4K. The first, for Amara, is the Enlightened Force skill tree, which allows you to build Amara around cryo elemental effects and freezing enemies. The tree’s passives help maximise elemental damage and show enemies down, while the Phaseflare action skill summons an orb of elemental energy that can be controlled and directed towards enemies.For FL4K, the Designer’s Cut adds the Trapper skill tree, which provides shield and critical hit bonuses for the character’s pet. The tree’s action skill is Gravity Snare, which periodically lifts enemies into the air, interrupts their attacks, and then slams them into the ground for damage.

Both skill trees are now available to view and customise on the Borderlands 3 website – check out the Amara and FL4K ones here – which allows you to see all the branches and what individual skills can provide.

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