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Speed Up Barret’s Charge[edit]

Barret’s attack is powerful but the cooldown can be a pain. Here’s a hack to speed it up.

  1. While controlling Barret, when his overcharge is on cooldown, hold down the basic attack button until Barret has to reload.
  2. While he’s reloading, press triangle to charge his Overcharge meter.
  3. He will cancel out of the reload animation and instead do a much faster version of his Charge, allowing you to not only build the Overcharge faster, but also cut the amount of time needed to reload.

Farm Moogle Medgals[edit]

You can farm for Moogle Medals by just repeatedly doing the Whack-a-Box minigame in the kid’s secret hideout in Chapter 8. You’ll have to fully complete the side quest “Kids on Patrol” and defeat the toad king to unlock it. See A Verified Hero Walkthrough, Whack-a-Box, and How to Grind Moogle Medals for more information.

Parry (before getting the Parry Materia)[edit]

While it’s totally possible to get through the game without ever countering or parrying attacks, it’ll make MUCH quicker work of a number of boss fights – and while this might be obvious to some players, it can be easy to forget about amidst the many other systems in play. To parry, deflect, counter, riposte (or whatever you want to call it) take control of Cloud and do the following.

  1. Lock onto an enemy during by pressing R3.
  2. Put Cloud in Punisher mode by pushing triangle
  3. Block with R1 to parry any melee attack that comes his way. Cloud will launch a counterattack against the enemy.

This works against most melee attacks, and is especially useful and sometimes necessary against sword-wielding opponents, but will likely fail against a powerful attack pulled off by a large monster-like boss enemy. Also see How to Parry, Use Parry Materia, and Get Parry Materia



Tifa’s Outfit[edit]

You can determine what outfit Tifa will wear later on in the game by unlocking the Discovery – Alone at Last by completing all the Chapter 3 Side Quests.

Cloud and Aerith’s Outfit[edit]

In fact, you can affect the types of clothes Cloud and Aerith end up wearing in Chapter 9 – The Town That Never Sleeps. See How to Change Cloud’s Dresses for instructions for his. For Aerith, simply complete a certain number of side quests in Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard.
Light pink dress: 0-2 chapter 8 side quests
Pink halter dress: 3-4 chapter 8 side quests
Red gown: 5 (or all) chapter 8 side quests

Weapon Only Obtainable by Stealing[edit]

There’s a weapon you can only get by stealing. In Chapter 11 – Haunted, make sure to equip the Steal Materia and use it on the boss Eligor to Get the Bladed Staff.

Affect Who You See in the Garden[edit]

Choosing who you interact with at the beginning of Chapter 10 – Rough Waters (either Tifa, Aerith, or neither) affects who you see in a cutscene in the garden in Chapter 14.


Early Luck Up Materia[edit]

Beat Wedge’s score at darts, at the Seventh Heaven Bar in Chapter 3, to get the luck up material. Here’s how to win.

Legacy Limit Breaks[edit]

Complete the Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges to unlock additional Limit Breaks for each of the characters.

Secret Summon[edit]

If you manage to complete all of Chadley’s Battle Intel Challenges, you’ll unlock a final summon VR challenge. See here to learn what this boss is, and how to beat it.


Unlock a ton of manuals to get extra SP to upgrade your weapons. See All Manuscripts By Chapter.


See the Weapons List – How to Get Every Weapon to learn how to get every Weapon in FF7 Remake.


See the Materia Guide and List to see how to get every Materia in FF7 Remake.

Elemental Materia[edit]

You can unlock two Two Elemental Materia.

Post Game Unlockables[edit]

Once you beat the game and roll credits in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, FF7 Remake is far from over. Upon completion you gain access to a number of end-game exclusives. Here are a few things that unlocks once you beat FF7 Remake:

  • Chapter Select: Replay any mission on any difficulty. You can also still use your end game gear, making it essentially a New Game + mode if you decide to start all the way at the beginning.
  • Hard Mode: You can now select this new mode to replay any chapter with your equipment.
  • The hardest Shinra Battle Simulation missions
  • A secret boss
  • The best accessory in the game.

and more. Check the Post-Game Guide for more information.

Easter Eggs[edit]

Jessie’s Room[edit]

There are a lot of different things to discover in Jessie’s parent’s room in Chapter 4, but you can’t look at all of them since Cloud wants to get out of there. One of the letters alludes to a play Jessie starred in, which is most likely the same play called “The Power of Love” you participate in at the Gold Saucer in the original Final Fantasy 7. 

Nod to Crisis Core[edit]

After taking out the Security Guards in Chapter 1 before the turnstile you’re free to check out the vending machines and posters on the walls. There, you’ll spot an ad for Banora White apple juice. This is a reference to the Banora White apples found in Banora Village in Crisis Core, the PSP prequel to Final Fantasy VII.

A Reason for Cloud‘s Spiky Hair[edit]

Speaking of ads, this Hair Tonic poster surely must be a nod to Cloud’s iconic hairdo. While it’s known as being “Ideal Scalp Care” people are definitely buying it for the “astonishingly radiant & spiky hair!” the product boasts. After all, “looks are what people notice first.”

Legacy Victory Poses[edit]

Though finishing battles normally don’t result in any specific fanfare, beating challenges in Corneo Colosseum results in the characters posing like they do in the original Final Fantasy 7 after battles.

Singing Victory Fanfare[edit]

Everyone knows the classic Final Fantasy fanfare that plays after every battle, but because Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s battles don’t exactly have clear “endings,” we miss out on the nostalgic tune for most of the game. Enter Barret – he’ll sing the theme himself with a terrible singing voice after battle sometimes.

Pull-up and squat challengers Jay and Ronnie are Based on Real Bodybuilders[edit]

Jay and Ronnie are based off real-life bodybuilders Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman (u/TheSteroid on Reddit).

Spoiler Warning

Cloud’s Unique Ability Stance[edit]

Every character has a unique ability that you can activate by pressing triangle. Cloud can shift between his balanced Operator Mode and his slower but more powerful Punisher Mode.In Operator mode his stance resembles Zack Fair’s while in Punisher Mode his sword is elevated and pointed downward, resembling Sephiroth.

This doesn’t mean much to newcomers but returning fans may appreciate this bit of foreshadowing when it comes to Cloud’s ominous backstory.

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