Every IGN Resident Evil Review

If you’re excited about today’s Resident Evil Village news, or wondering why everyone else seems to be, it’s a great time to peruse our slideshow of Every IGN Resident Evil Review Ever.

They range from 2016’s predictably terrible Umbrella Corps spinoff to the series high of Resident Evil 4 back in 2005, with tons of good and bad in between. Some have stood the test of time while others didn’t hold up past our first impressions, but it’s a list that shows why this horror series maintains such a strong grip on gamers’ minds to this day.

Now that you know what we thought of them at the time they came out, give us your opinion: Which ones stick out in your mind as the most terrifyingly great and the most terrifyingly worst?

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Dan Stapleton is IGN’s Reviews Editor. You can follow him on Twitter to hear gaming rants and lots of random Simpsons references.

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