Every New Xbox Series X Game Shown at Inside Xbox

Xbox has shown off 13 new games coming to Xbox Series X from third-party devs – you can see them all below.During an Inside Xbox broadcast today, we saw a series of games, all of which are ‘Xbox Series X Optimized’, meaning they’ve been built specifically to take advantage of Series X features such as 4K resolutions and fast loading times.

10 of the 13 games were also confirmed as Smart Delivery titles, meaning they can be bought on Xbox One, and will allow for free upgrades to Xbox Series X if you buy the new console. We’ve marked each one in the full list below.

We got our first look at gameplay – or at least in-engine footage – for Ubisoft’s next step in its historical action-stealth series, including siege warfare, a raven that could represent Odin, and much more.

Smart delivery enabled.

Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory is a hybrid of FPS and action combat games already available on Steam, released as a first episode of a wider game. Bright Memory Infinite is that full game, combining traditional shooting with melee combat in a mystery-wracked futuristic world. Also, you can drive a car that looks suspiciously like a DeLorean. Amazingly, it’s all developed by one man.

Call of the Sea

A first-person adventure game set in the 1930s, Call of the Sea has players step into the shoes of Norah exploring a South Pacific island in search of her missing husband.

Smart delivery enabled.


Chorus is a space combat shooter with a difference, adding story to the genre’s usual mix of aerial acrobatics and precision shooting. You play the haunted Nara, piloting her sentient starfighter, Forsaken, on a journey to destroy the cult that created her. Chorus will arrive in 2021.

Smart delivery enabled.

DiRT 5

No console launch is complete without racing games, and Codemasters promises “new features, new innovations and a fresh approach” in the next installment of its excellent rally driving series. In an unusual development, Troy Baker and Nolan North will be lending their vocal talents to the game, as key characters in the game’s storyline.

Smart delivery enabled.

Madden NFL 21

The first next-gen sports title shown by EA, Madden 21 brings football to new consoles in sparkling new form.

Smart delivery enabled.

Scarlet Nexus

An anime-infused action game, you’ll play as psychokinetic Yuito Sumeragi, you’ll explore the futuristic city of New Himuka, as technology and psychic abilities are used to wage war.

Smart delivery enabled.


A first-person horror adventure, Scorn aims to take you on a non-linear journey through several horrific realms, with a distinctly H.R. Giger-like aesthetic, each with their own story to unravel.

Second Extinction

A new game from Avalanche’s self-publishing unit, Systemic Reaction, Second Extinction is a co-op FPS that sees you taking on the massed hordes of mutant dinosaurs that have taken over Earth.

Smart delivery enabled.

The Ascent

Imagine a cyberpunk Diablo, and you’re somewhere on the road to The Ascent. Playable alone or in co-op, this action-RPG takes place in a futuristic dystopia where the ruling megacorporation has collapsed, and left chaos in its wake. If you’re interested in seeing more, you’re in luck – it’s our IGN First for May, and we’ll have exclusive footage and info all month.

Smart delivery enabled.

The Medium

Bloober Team has specialised in psychological horror for years at this point, but The Medium sounds like another step forward for the Polish studio. Playing the titular medium, you’ll see both the real and spirit worlds as you investigate a tragedy in a now-abandoned hotel. Excitingly, those two worlds come with separate soundtracks – one by Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and the other by Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill.

It will arrive thisHholiday 2020. It’s not the only Bloober Team game coming to next-gen – Observer: System Redux is also on the way.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The sequel to the cult classic RPG takes you to the underworld or Seattle, as you choose to join one of several warring vampire clans.

Smart delivery enabled.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The 7th mainline Yakuza game makes some major changes – not least its switch to turn-based RPG-like combat. It’s also coming to Xbox far more quickly than previous installments, and it’s now a next-gen title.

Smart delivery enabled.

For more on Xbox Series X be sure to check out our wiki featuring a full list of rumored and confirmed Xbox Series X games and a handy PS5 vs. Xbox Series X comparison chart.

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