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There’s a hip pouch inside the first lockbox in the Subway Station safe room/area, but you’ll need to find the lockpick, which is located in the Power Plant Substation.

Hip Pouch Location 2[edit]

In the substation, the small office upstairs has a hip pouch in it, forward and to the right of the door you enter through. As you’re heading to the Substation, there’s a dead body lying against the fence holding a fancy box. Examine the box, and you’ll find the lockpick inside. This can be used to unlock lockboxes and certain doors around Raccoon City, including the aforementioned Hip Pouch.

  • Location: Inside the Substation Control Room

Hip Pouch Location 3[edit]

The Commemorative Clock puzzle in the Subway Station will reward players with items when they insert Jewels into it. The Jewels are scattered around Raccoon City, hidden in fancy boxes. The first jewel you insert will get you a hand grenade, the second will get you a Shotgun stock upgrade, and the third will unlock a hip pouch.

Red Jewel – The Red Jewel is in a Fancy Box in the safe room inside the Donut Shop.

  • Location: Donut Shop Safe Room


Blue Jewel – The Blue Jewel is in the Supermarket, across the street from the Toy Uncle toy store. You’ll need the bolt cutters to cut the chain on the door found in the Garage, but inside you’ll find a Fancy Box on the counter. Examine it and you’ll find the Blue Jewel.

Green Jewel – The Green Jewel is in a fancy box inside the Toy Uncle Toy Store. To get inside, you’ll need to use the lockpick on the front door. Pick up the Fancy Box and examine it, and you’ll find the Green Jewel inside.

Hip Pouch Location 4[edit]

There’s a hip pouch sitting on the table in the Security Room, visible through the window when you first enter the sewers, but you’ll need the battery pack to access it, as you’ll eventually double back to its location.

  • Location: Security Office
  • Item Needed: Battery Pack

Hip Pouch Location 5[edit]

The safe in the 1F West Office of can be opened using the same combination it had in Resident Evil 2 – left 9, right 15, left 7.

Hip Pouch Location 6[edit]

A locked door in the lobby will open up during the sequence when Carlos must fight off hordes of zombies. After dealing with the Hunter who was hiding inside, grab it and stock up on ammo.

Hip Pouch Location 7[edit]

In the first safe room you find in the underground storage facility, there’s a hip pouch on the desk.

  • Location: Underground Storage Safe Room

Hip Pouch Location 8[edit]

You can purchase the final hip pouch from The Shop which you unlock by beating the game.

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