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How to Unlock Leviathan Boss Fight[edit]

When and where do you fight Leviathan? You won’t encounter Leviathan as part of the main story. Instead, you’ll be able to take on Leviathan as a VR mission by speaking to Chadley once you reach Chapter 14 – In Search of Hope.

Leviathan Weaknesses and Resistances[edit]

Leviathan is weak only to Lightning (Thunder Materia), but is slightly resistant to Magic overall. It’s also resistant to Ice, and greatly resistant to Fire. 

  • Weak to: Lightning
  • Lesser Resistances: Ice, Magic
  • Greater Resistances: Fire, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damge
  • Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk
  • Does not drop or have stealable items

Leviathan Guide and Tips[edit]

Suggested Materia

: Thunder Materia (for all three of your party members), Elemental Materia (for your physical attacker). Give your party member with the best magic the best Thunder Materia you have. Use either Chocobo and Moogle or Fat Chocobo as your summon, as Leviathan is resistant to both Ifrit and Shiva.

If you didn’t get Elemental Materia in Chapter 6, you’re unfortunately out of luck! The only other way to get it is to do all Side Quests you’ve encountered so far and finish Chapter 14.


Suggested Defenses:

Leviathan’s attacks are almost all magical, so get your Magic Defense up as high as possible.

Having trouble? Watch the video above to instantly improve your battle skills!

There are two targets on Leviathan: the head and its body (the dorsal fin) . Though its head is difficult to target, it’s worth pummeling because it seems to be more susceptible to stagger. Keep Barret on its head and target it with Tifa and Cloud when possible.

Leviathan moves around a lot, so be wary of when you unleash abilities and Limit Breaks on it.

Leviathan Attacks[edit]

Here are some specific tips for each of its attacks:

Briny Bellow: This is a line attack – the further away you are, the harder it will be to dodge it, so block it. If you’re up close to Leviathan, simply position yourself behind it.

Briny Barrage: This long-range missile attack is, again, difficult to dodge – guard it instead.

Gyre Spume: This is an AOE attack that damages everyone directly around Leviathan’s body. There is a short charge up time that will tip you off when it’s coming – when you see this, immediately run away from it. Now is a good time to unleash magic attacks on it!

Tail Whip: Tail whip is another AOE attack, but this one is physical and has a much shorter charge time. Guard if you’re nearby it if you don’t think you can get away in time.

Aquatic Focus: Leviathan will appear to charge up. This is your chance to go all-out against it. If you hit it hard enough, you may be able to knock it out of this charge ability.

Tidal Roar: Leviathan will leave a cyclone just below it – when it’s prepping this attack, get away from it.

Spinning Dive: Leviathan will first dive out of reach, then dive back into the arena. If it targets you, it’s pretty much unavoidable if it targets you and will knock your character up into the air. Guard this one!

Tidal Wave: This is completely unavoidable and will target everyone on the map simultaneously. Theoretically you could knock it out of this charge up by staggering it, but you can also take this time to make sure everyone is at max health to avoid being knocked out.

Leviathan Phase 1 – Grounded[edit]

During the first wave of attacks the Leviathan will be positioned on the battle field. Barrett’s long distance shots will do well here but Cloud and Tifa can also get up close and personal with the Leviathan, just be sure to watch out for the attacks listed above.

Leviathan Phase 2 – Flying[edit]

Once the Leviathan’s health has been cut in half it’ll do its Tidal Roar attack and move to the air. Now’s a good time to heal up. Switch to Barrett here because he has the range to damage the Leviathan. Be sure to move around to avoid the cyclones below and to block any incoming missiles from the Briny Barrage attack.

There are still times when Tifa and Cloud can do some damage because the Leviathan will return to the ground to do its Spinning Dive attack.

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