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NOTE: We have discovered in our time with the game that the puzzle to reach the Gold Chest is different on different playthroughs. Below is one example of how to get to the gold chest. To determine if the below puzzle is the one you have, use your Tactical Awareness and if it highlights rectangular machines stuck to the ground, the following puzzle is the one before you.

We have discovered there is a different puzzle that some of us have had to play and this page will be updated as we figure out how that puzzle is solved.

Once you’re actually inside the AIM facility of this mission, you’ll find that the main objective waypoint directs you toward the left. You can head that way if you’d like but once you exit the doors, it will prevent you from getting the Gold Chest.

Instead of going left, go right and you’ll find yourself in a circular room filled with enemies. These enemies will hit hard and they have Cryo beams that do a ton of damage. If you see a red circle, run or dodge. This means a Cryo beam is coming your way.

With the enemies out of your way, go left. Inside the room on your left after going this way, look for the piece of machinery you see below. Punch it three times until it goes from yellow to blue. Now cross the hallway to the room that was on your right and do the same to the piece of machinery in here.


After this, run to where we were when we fought those enemies earlier. It’s the center room — we just went left from it. Punch the piece of machinery in here until it turns blue. Now go right and in the room on the left, there is a fourth and final piece of machinery.

Punch it until it is blue. This will make the room in the center light up red — punch its center twice and the glass will shatter, allowing you to fall below. The chest you’re looking for is in here on the bottom floor. Inside, you’ll find an upgrade module, some gear and some resources.

Make sure to open up the other chest in this room as well.

Once you’re inside the main objective AIM building of this mission, head to the elevator. When you step out of the elevator, you’ll be in a new section of the building.

Straight ahead, you should spot a yellow door.

Look for the fan to the right of it. Shoot it to destroy the fan and then behind it, you’ll see a yellow light. Shoot that yellow light to turn it blue.

You’ll need to do this to four separate fans. You can find them by using your tactical awareness. One is to the right of the main objective, one is up in the ceiling around the corner, the other can be spotted from a nearby balcony and the fourth is the one to the right of the door.

Once you get the door open, you’ll find a gold chest. Inside you’ll find a comic book, some units, an upgrade module, and a rare piece of gear.

To find this gold chest, you’ll need to track down the proper waypoint in the Snowy Tundra. The only problem is that this area has nearly a dozen waypoints for you to find. We recommend using the Secret Beta Mission: Snowy Tundra Vault walkthrough page to help you track each one down, including the Gold Chest waypoint.

If that’s not for you though, fear not. Once you pass through an AIM gate near the beginning of this level, you’ll see some objective waypoints to the left about 200-300 meters away. The Gold Chest is one of the objective waypoints. Head to the one swarming with exploding Synthoids.

When you arrive at this building, you’ll be swarmed with exploding synthoids. Take them out and clear the rest of this area. Now, head to the back of the building and you’ll see the two machines below. Punch them both three times or until the hexagon turns blue.

Then, punch the third one nearby and on the left side of the building (if you’re looking at it from the front), there is a fourth and final machine to punch. After doing so, the door to the chest will open.

You’ll get a comic book, upgrade module, rare gear and some Units. Open the other chest in this room as well for some additional resources.

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