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The Bladed Staff is a weapon for Aerith. Its weapon upgrade cores heavily emphasize Crit and Luck, so be prepared to get Aerith’s Luck up as much as possible to take full advantage of the critical hits this weapon is capable of.

The biggest draw, however, is its unique ability, Lustrous Shield. This is a perfect ability for Aerith, as it enables her to stay put on her Arcane Ward a bit easier. 

As mentioned earlier, the Bladed Staff is very easy to miss, especially if you don’t take care to Assess every enemy you come across. The only way to get the Bladed Staff is to steal it off the  Chapter 11 – Haunted final boss, Eligor.

You’ll encounter Eligor right after the main scenario “Clear the Way.” You’ll see a bench and a vending machine, so take that as your cue to get ready. Of course, you need to equip the Steal Materia to someone in your party.  

How to Get Steal Materia[edit]

You must have unlocked Steal Materia no later than Chapter 9. To do this, you must have completed Chadley’s Battle Intel Report 07 and purchased the Steal Materia from him. This report required you to exploit the weaknesses of 15 enemy types, which should have been easy to accomplish before Chapter 8.

Because the Steal action requires ATB, we equipped the Steal Materia to Tifa. Tifa’s Speed (the stat that determines how fast ATB charges) is amazing, plus Tifa’s unique ability (Triangle) builds ATB as well. So, she’s able to dish out abilities fast and often. Tifa’s Luck is also naturally pretty high, and Luck affects the success rate of Steal. Basically, you want a character with high Luck and Speed to maximize your chance of getting it and the attempts you have to do so. 

Once the boss fight against Eligor begins, simply build ATB with Tifa and use Steal on it until you get it. One of us got the Bladed Staff on our second Steal attempt, but it can potentially take much longer. 

When you’re successful, a notification will pop up like in the screenshot above. (Yes, we know that’s Aerith in the picture – but we were Stealing with Tifa! ) 


That’s about all there is to getting the Bladed Staff, one of the most easily miss-able weapons in the game.

Make sure to see Weapons List – How to Get Every Weapon to make sure not to miss anything else, but here’s a quick list of just a few other miss-able weapon runner-ups.

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