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Marvel’s Avengers Multiplayer

There are a number of ways to play multiplayer in Marvel’s Avengers. You can play with a single friend and fill out the rest of your strike team with AI companions. You can fill an entire strike team out with friends. You can even fill your strike team with random players you’ve never met.

Mulitplayer is a large facet of Marvel’s Avengers but there are only certain types of missions that can be done with others. The story missions in the campaign are solo onlyyou can’t play with others during any of these.

Note: When you select a campaign mission after unlocking the War Table, the Enable Matchmaking button will always be present but always know that if a campaign mission is selected, there will never be matchmaking involved — those missions are single player only.

There are, however, multiplayer missions accessible from the War Table present in the campaign. Below is an example of what one of those missions looks like (notice that it says multiplayer):


DLC characters that are added to the game free post-launch will come with story missions that can, however, be played co-op.

All Multiplayer Missions

Below is a list of all multiplayers missions in the game we found so far. These appear as optional side missions during the campaign. You can do them at any time you’d like but note that as the War Table refreshes, some of them will disappear. Don’t sweat though because they’ll be back in a couple of War Table refreshes (which happen every few minutes).

Note: Every single one of these optional multiplayer missions will be available in the post-campaign Avengers Initiative section of the game. Be sure to check out our Avengers Initiative guide for more information but basically, the Avengers Initiative is the multiplayer component of this game. It takes place after the campaign and while it is accessible from the jump, we do not recommend heading there as it will spoil major things that happen in the game’s single-player story. If you want to play these multiplayer missions in between the single-player campaign missions, that’s totally fine. If you don’t, they’ll all be waiting for you in Avengers Initiative.

Click or tap the links below to jump to IGN’s official walkthrough for each mission listed. The first one, Condition: Green, will be available after completing the Missing Links campaign mission. After completing this mission, the War Table will be open and because Hulk will now be a playable character, you’ll be able to begin The Incredible Hulk Iconic Mission Chain which begins with Condition: Green.

On the main menu, you’ll see Avengers Initiative. This is the section of the game where you can play co-op and multiplayer. Missions like War Zones and Drop Zones can be played in the Avengers Initiative section of the game with up to three other players.

You can also play with just one or two additional players and let AI fill the other available slots on your strike team.

There are two different ways to play with others: by invitation or through matchmaking.

  • If you wish to play with a friend, go to the game’s menus and tab over to the Social menu.
  • Here, select one of the three open slots on your strike team and hit the Invite Friends button.

  • Select your friend, send them an invite, and when they accept, they’ll be added to your strike team.

If you’re looking to fill your squad out with other players but don’t have any friends to invite, you can use Matchmaking.

Matchmaking allows random players wishing to play as a character that you are not — because remember, no strike team can have the same two heroes — to join your strike team.

  • To open up Matchmaking, select a mission that allows Multiplayer.
  • After selecting a mission, you’ll be taken to a new team — there will be two options: Start Mission and Hero Roster.
  • Select the hero you wish to play as in the Hero Roster menu.
  • If you want AI Companions, hover your cursor over a hero in the Hero Roster menu and press Square/X to set a hero as an AI Companion.

Outside of the hero roster menu, you’ll see your selected hero, your AI companions (if any), and whatever open slots you have on your strike team. You should see underneath those slots a prompt that says to press Square/X to turn Matchmaking on or off. If you wish to matchmake, make sure this is on. Start the mission and the game will begin to matchmake for you.

The first thing you’ll need to do when you begin the game is create or login to your Square Enix account. You must have a Square Enix account connected to this game in order to play Multiplayer.

When you first boot up the game, the game will ask you to setup or sign in with your Square Enix account. If you already have one through either an email, Facebook, Steam, or via a Final Fantasy XI or Final Fantasy XIV account, you can sign in with those credentials.

You will do so on a device separate like a smart phone. You will need to go to the, sign in and enter the code it gives you (it will be on screen). Check out the screenshot below to see what that looks like.

There is no couch co-op local multiplayer in Marvel’s Avengers. You can only play with other through online network services like PSN and Xbox Live.

It is currently not possible to play Marvel’s Avengers using crossplay on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. Square Enix has not said whether or not this feature will be coming to the game at any point in the future.

At the time of writing, there is on crossplay.

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