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Knowing how to QB slide in Madden NFL 21 can mean the difference between a clutch scramble and a costly fumble, so it’s important you know how to slide with the quarterback to avoid turning the ball over to your opponent. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to slide with the QB.

To slide with the quarterback in Madden NFL 21, you’ll first need to make sure you’re in the right situation to do so. This means you must be past the line of scrimmage and running with the quarterback. If you hold the dive button (Square/X), the QB will dive head-first, which often results in a fumble if they collide with defenders on the play. Don’t do that!

Instead, merely tap the dive button (Square/X) to give yourself up with a QB slide. This will ensure the QB falls feet-first and voluntarily ends the play free of potentially disastrous contact with bruising defenders.

You can also slide with other ball carriers such as runningbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends by holding R2/RT+L2/LT+Square/X. This will allow skill position players to similarly give up on a play, which may be needed in a situation where you need to get down and call time out or just avoid an attempted ball strip from the defense.

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