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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Wiki Guide & Walkthrough contains information on how to get from start to finish in THPS, gathering every Collectible, every Stat Point, claim every High Score, find every Gap, and make your way as a Pro Skater.

This page of the guide includes instructions on how to perform a Tailslide.

How To Tailslide

The Tailslide is a basic grind accessible to every skater, whether Custom or Pro. Unfortunately, the command for performing the Tailslide isn’t in the Skater move list, but we’ve got you covered.

To perform a Tailslide, approach a rail or ledge such that the rail or ledge is behind the skater. If you are currently skating Regular, the rail/ledge should be on your left. If you are currently skating Goofy, the rail/ledge should be on your right.

Ollie, then angle the D-Pad or analog stick away from the rail and hit the grind button.

If you mess up and angle your D-Pad or analog stick towards the rail, you’ll end up performing a Noseslide, instead.

If you are skating goofy, you’ll initiate a “backside” (or BS) Tailslide. If you are skating Regular, you’ll initiate a “frontside” (or FS) Tailslide.

Now that you know how to perform both variants of the Tailslide, get out there and get skating!

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