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Streets of Rage 4 comes loaded with a ton of retro options out of the gate, including plenty of characters to unlock as you progress. Knowing that, you’re probably hoping for some retro levels, too. Well, they’re there, but there’s a trick to finding them, and it’s not as simple filling up your lifetime XP. Here’s how to find these bonus battles.

There are four bonus retro levels hidden throughout Streets of Rage 4, and they can all be accessed by using the same trick. The key is finding the old-school Bare Knuckle arcade cabinets you’ll often stumble across and giving them a strategic zap from a taser, which will always be found nearby.

The first secret retro stage can be found in the second level, titled Police Precinct, just before reaching the security checkpoint. Before the cells open, a police officer called Barney will attack you with a taser.

Finish him off and make a note of where the taser drops. Now deal with all the other enemies in the area, but be sure NOT to use the taser or risk losing it. When you’re ready to progress you’ll notice an open door with an arcade cabinet tucked away in the room inside. Simply zap the cabinet and away you go!

In this first retro level you’ll be facing the stage 1 boss from Streets of Rage 2, the knife wielding Jack. After defeating him be sure to destroy the small sign in the bottom right corner to earn your star move reward.

The second retro fight can be found in the fourth level, called Old Pier. Just before jumping down to the second level, you’ll notice there’s an arcade behind you that has an open door to access it on the right side. Again, be sure not to use the taser from the previous battle and then zap the hell out of the Bare Knuckle cabinet in the arcade to access the retro fight.


This time you’re warped to the boss of Streets of Rage 2’s stage 3, Zamza. The fight against Zamza is a pain, but once you beat him a crate will drop down containing your precious star move reward.

The third slice of retro can be found in the fifth level, titled Underground. The arcade cabinet is in the second section of the level in the biker bar, and is impossible to miss. One thing to look out for here, though, is that this cabinet is in a fight zone, and so can very easily be destroyed by a rushing goon.

The taser is hidden under a table just to the right of the cabinet, and will be revealed when that charging nutter, Caramel, headbutts it!

After zapping the cabinet this time you’ll be warped to the stage 4 boss of Street of Rage 2, The Ultimate Warrior look-alike, Abadede. At this point you know the drill, take down the musclebound unit and grab your star move from one of the boxes.

The fourth and final retro level can be found in the eighth stage, called Art Gallery. Just before the boss battle you’ll see the arcade cabinet in plain sight, in the room with all the golden chickens.

This time though, there isn’t a police officer wielding a taser. But with an eagle eye, you’ll spot a slither of a strategically hidden zapper behind the crates that are just in front of the cabinet.

After zapping an arcade cabinet for the last time, you’ll be warped to the final boss of Streets of Rage 2; the big bad of the series, Mr. X. Before X gon’ give it to ya, you first have to deal with a few hired goons, and then Mr.X’s right hand man, Shiva. Once they’re all finished off you’ll then move onto the main man himself. This is definitely the toughest of the retro levels, so make sure your health is high and you’ve saved your precious star move!

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