Sony Japan Studio Restructure Leads to Mass Exodus of Developers

Sony Japan Studio’s ongoing restructure has led to a mass exodus of developers behind key PlayStation titles like Demon’s Souls on PS5, Gravity Rush, Bloodborne, The Last Guardian, and more.In February, Sony confirmed that PlayStation’s Japan Studio will be re-organized around Team ASOBI, the development unit behind Astro’s Playroom. First-party development elsewhere in the studio will likely cease or be scaled back, and other departments such as localization, external production, and IP management will shift to PlayStation Studios.

Since this news, several key members of Japan Studio have announced their departures from the company. Demon’s Souls PS5 director Gavin Moore announced today he is leaving Sony after 24 years with the company.

“After 24 years at Sony and 18 of those in Japan, yesterday was my last day at #JapanStudio. I will miss the great creative spirit and camaraderie of the studio that was a huge part of my life,” Moore wrote in his farewell message. “Time to seek out new and exciting opportunities.”

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