Streets of Rage 4 Has No Online Multiplayer if Bought From and Is Still Full Price

PC copies of Streets of Rage 4 purchased from do not support online multiplayer, despite being priced the same as the Steam version that does feature online capabilities.The GOG store page for Streets of Rage 4 has a disclaimer stating: “Please note that at this time, the DRM-Free version supports local co-op only with up to 4 players. The 2-player online mode is not available.”

While that note claims there is no online mode “at this time”, a tweet from developer Lizardcube suggests that online won’t be coming to the GOG version of the game. “Unfortunately the GOG version of the game won’t be supporting online features,” the studio said in response to a fan asking about cross-play with Steam users.

Both the Steam and versions of the game are priced at $27.99/£22.49 (currently with a 10% discount), but the Steam version allows players to team up online for PvP Battle Mode fights or co-op play. Multiplayer is available in the GOG version, but only locally.

We’ve reached out to Lizardcube for further clarification.Streets of Rage 4 is also available on console without these issues, should you be looking for a more straightforward approach to multiplayer. Our Streets of Rage 4 review says it’s worth checking out, too, even if it prioritises nostalgia over modern advancements.

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