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Your goal here is to locate all of the ingredients for ammo.

  • Hint: Read all of the notes in [[The Arsenal]].

SOLUTION ALERT: below are step-by-step solutions on how to do this.

Once inside, head down the stairs. Continue straight on and you’ll end up in the arsenal.

There’s a machine in front of you that has a shell ready for you, but you need to find the ingredients to make gunpowder. The sign in front of you details everything you need: sulfur powder, saltpeter, and milled charcoal.

On the table to your left, you’ll find a note saying that the saltpeter has been moved to the Quartermaster’s Stores. Worry about this ingredient later. First, find what’s already here.

The door in this room is blocked, so head down the hallway on your left. Careful, though, there’s a trap on the floor! Keep moving down the hall. The first door on your right (the blocked room) has charcoal for you on the right. Put it in the machine to the left and grind it into a fine powder.

Then, head back into the hallway and go right. This will lead you right into a dark room with a trap door blocking your way ahead. Now, you have to find a way inside.


  • On your right, you’ll also find a drawer with some matches.
  • There’s more matches under a small box on the shelf to your right as well.
  • You’ll also find a note in the drawer above where you found the matches.

If you head towards the windows on your left, you’ll see one’s already open. From this spot, turn around to see a dead man with a key in his hand. Grab the key, then head to the third window on the far left, open it up, and step out on the wooden planks. Move up towards the second window and move the bricks out of the way.

Then, go back inside and close the window closest to the dead body. Hop back out on the wooden plank, turn right, and jump to the planks ahead of you. Then, open the window and head inside. Inside the room in the cupboard on the right side you’ll find sulfur ointment, Laudanum, and a sheet with a warning about the medicine (an important one at that.)

Then, carefully unhook the trap at the door, use your key to get out, and head back to the hallway where you came from. Now, you’re going to boil the sulfur you found. Go back into the room you got the charcoal from and put it on top of the hot plate by the door leading into the main area. Use a match to light it then boil.

Now, all you need is saltpeter. Which, unfortunately, means you have to go back to the Quartermaster’s Stores in the building you were just in. Head outside and go through the alley again, then back in through that door you ran out of.

Thankfully, you can make this trip quick. Turn left to head back up the stairs and into the hallway where the monster was before. Go straight back, grab the saltpeter on the shelf, and head right back out.

Go back to the arsenal, combine all your ingredients, add it to the machine, pull the lever, and you’re all set. Head back out to the tank, put in the bullet, and fire away at the gate.

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