The Best PlayStation Exclusive of 2020

Whether reliving classic adventures or exploring bold new landscapes, it’s been a great year for PlayStation fans.

From long-anticipated game releases and the launch of the PS5, this is our pick for the best PlayStation exclusive of 2020.

Winner: The Last of Us Part 2

Debuting early in a year of fantastic PlayStation exclusives, The Last of Us Part II remains a standout blend of rich storytelling and insanely satisfying gameplay. The level of polish here is incredible; every frame of every cutscene and each gameplay encounter have been so meticulously crafted that it’s impossible not to appreciate the level of care put in by Naughty Dog. From the small-but-important details – like the near-flawless blending of character animations – to the marvelously open-ended stealth and combat encounters, to its brilliant story that constantly forces characters to reckon with the consequences of their actions, every moment of this long-awaited sequel is striking. The Last of Us Part II is easily one of the best games the PS4 has to offer – not just of 2020, but of the entire generation.

The Last of Us Part 2 was also IGN’s People’s Choice pick for this year’s best PlayStation exclusive! Listen to Neil Druckmann’s reation to winning, and for more, check out our full Last of Us 2 review here!

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Below you’ll find all our other favorite PS exclusives from 2020.

The Best PlayStation Exclusives of 2020

There are main objectives Jin Sakai can follow sure, but some of Ghost’s richest storytelling paths take you into the side character-specific storylines or through everyday tasks that paint a picture of life on Tsushima. The sadness and small joys brought to life by a people besieged by war and hoping to find peace is beautifully illustrated – literally and figuratively, as Jin’s quest takes him all around the island, which is just flat-out one of the most beautiful open worlds we’ve ever seen. Ghost makes exploring every facet of its world a true joy.

For more, check out our full Ghost of Tsushima review here!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

As if there wasn’t enough evidence already, Spider-Man: Miles Morales proves just how lucky Sony is to officially have developer Insomniac as a first-party studio now. Simultaneously launching on PS4 and PS5 (on the console’s launch day), Insomniac delivered one of the PS4’s best exclusives and a fantastic showcase for the power of the PS5.

At launch, its beautiful resolution mode is a sight to behold, with 4K visuals and ray tracing making NYC come alive like never before in a game, while the resolution mode makes 60fps web-swinging a revelation. And that’s all, frankly, just the cherry on top of a beautiful Miles Morales origin story and fun, meaningful evolutions of the original Spider-Man’s combat and side quest design that are meaningful and engaging while simultaneously bringing everything back to its charming core – Miles, himself.

For more, check out our full Spider-Man: Miles Morales review here!

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There are plenty of other awards beyond just the PlayStation exclusive! Check out all our platform, genre, and design winners – and, of course, our picks for this year’s GotY – below!

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