The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Is a Horror Game Set in the Iraq War

The next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes, is a horror game set in the Iraq War and it’s coming next year.We learned last week that the end credits for the most recent game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, teased House of Ashes and from what we could gather, it stars Ashely Tisdale and is set during a war of sorts. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Supermassive Games revealed today that the game is set during the Iraq War in 2003.“Iraq, 2003,” a press release for House of Ashes reads. “As the conflict draws to a close, CIA field operative Rachel King joins an elite military unit on a raid of a suspected underground chemical weapons facility in the shadow of the Zagros Mountains.”

Once King and her unit arrive at the coordinates, they’re ambushed by a local patrol led by Sergeant Salim Othman. An earthquake opens sinkholes in the ground during their ensuing firefight and both sides of the fight are tossed into the ruins of a buried Sumerian temple. In the darkness beneath the Arabian Desert, something evil is awakened, the press release reads, and ancient, unstoppable creatures begin their hunt.

If you’ve played a Dark Pictures Anthology game, you likely know exactly how this game will play. You’ll be working to uncover the mystery behind this Sumerian temple and the darkness below while making key decisions that change the outcome of your story. Oh, and there’s a good chance a lot of people die at the hands of your choices.

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