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Spelunky 2 is the full sequel to one of the most prominent roguelikes of the past decade, and as expected, it’s full of new surprises, secrets, and challenges to overcome.

We have been gathering all possible advice for you, which should help you both during the first few runs and towards the later half of the levels as well. There’s a lot ahead of you, but don’t fret, you can find our tips and tricks to make the most out of your expeditions below.

Spelunky 2 Tips and Tricks


  • Beware of ledges – it’s always best to approach and press the jump button instead of dropping yourself down
  • Contrary to many other games, don’t underestimate walking in Spelunky 2, as it can help you to traverse small areas slowly and plan ahead without rushing into a trap
  • Always watch out for arrow traps before making any jumps
  • Watch out for enemies inside vases, attack them at a distance or safely throw the vase against a wall by grabbing it first (crouch and then use the grab button)
  • If you’re holding onto a ledge, and you hit with your whip, you will be bounced a few steps back. This could be useful if there’s, say, an explosion about to happen and there’s ground behind you to cover the fall
  • If you hold down while on the ground the camera will move along – the same happens if you move upwards
  • You can attack with your whip and drop bombs while you’re hanging on a rope
  • Much like skulls, you can wreck bone piles using your whip
  • Time is of essence, but stopping before entering a new area block can be the difference between life or death
  • Going through spiderwebs twice will make them disappear, if not, just go back and forth quickly for a couple times
  • You can have an item or Monti grabbed while mounting a turkey, but beware that attacking will throw the item
  • In order to take Monti with you, you’re can whip them so they start running sideways. Then, it’s all about opening a path for them until the exit door – as an alternative, you can grab them (crouching and pressing the grab button) and take them with you, but be careful with throwing them too much, as two hits should be enough to kill them
  • If you see a turkey, don’t fret, they’re harmless. Just jump on them and they will begin to move erratically, but if you move sideways for a while hearts will begin to appear on their head. After a few seconds you will be able to command them. They can double jump, squeeze through stretch passages to match your character’s height, and hit using its head to the front
  • If you help Yang bringing him the turkeys, and then enter the secret room using the key, beware of putting a bomb close to the door, since it will aggro him
  • You can leave Monti on the door to the next level and continue spelunking, as they will automatically leave on their own and give you the extra heart once you cross it
  • You can take mounts like turkeys with you to other levels
  • If you see an altar with blood on it, take any body to it as a tribute – if you bring them while stunned, you will obtain more favors in comparison with the dead body, which will in turn increase your chances of getting an item
  • If you’re mounting a turkey, hold the jump button as you’re falling down, the turkey will slowly move its wings and ease the fall
  • Taking the first Challenge of the Moon can be a good investment – the 10,000 gold fee might seem like a lot, but you’re then given free reign (as well as a starting item for free) to destroy the environment with the pickaxe and pick all the loot you can before it breaks. This can include weapons, extra items, and of course, gold, so you obtain some of that first investment back
  • Lighting torches not only will help you see through the dark, but also hand you some gold as reward
  • Regardless of where they are on a map, companions will always follow you to the next area once you cross the door, just in case you were worried of leaving them behind
  • If you (either accidentally or on purpose) kill a shopkeeper, bear in mind that they will start hunting you, becoming present in each exit of the following levels, so keep that shotgun handy


  • Remember that you can always stomp on enemies to deal damage, and it will kill or stun pretty much all of them
  • Bats seem easy to take down, but they can hit more than once if you miss the first hit
  • Horned Lizards will roll at you as soon as you’re on their line of sight, but they won’t react if you’re behind
  • If you push a stone block towards an wall with an enemy trapped in between, it will get killed
  • Enemies such as the Cavemen will pick up your dropped keys, idols, and other key items from the ground if you don’t get to them first
  • Spiders won’t immediately jump towards you after they drop on the ground, so if you run past them quickly, make a quick turn and hit them
  • Just because a Snake is moving towards the opposite side of where you are, that doesn’t mean it won’t turn around and hit you
  • Scarabs won’t hurt you! In fact, they will give you gold coins, so approach them without fret and pick them up when you see one
  • Throwing your rope will damage any enemy that gets in the way
  • Tiki Men’s flying skulls will disappear when they’re knocked down, so it’s always best to try and stomp or hit them with any throwable object to stop the skull
  • Monkeys won’t directly attack you, but instead hop on your character’s back and steal items – this includes bombs, too, which will be immediately triggered, so be careful! You can use your whip to scare them off
  • Some Cavemen will appear mounting Rock Dogs. If you stomp on them, or if you just manage to separate them, the Rock Dog won’t move nor attack afterwards
  • Robots are scary, especially if you happen to stomp on them and press the buttons on their heads to activate them. However, the explosion that comes after a few seconds can be a great way of opening paths further down below without the need of using bombs
  • The window is fairly small, but you actually can hit enemies on your back when you attack using your whip. This is in extreme close quarters, mind, so don’t rely on it too much, but it’s a possibility that might save you from time to time
  • We get it, sometimes the temptation of fighting the shopkeeper will be too strong to resist. It’s a hard feat, but one easy way to fight back, if they’re selling a shield, is to steal the shield first. They won’t shoot at you, and you can then push them towards a wall
  • You can mount Rock Dogs the same way as turkeys – they have a similar moveset, including double jump, but don’t count on gliding – as a trade off, they can shot fire balls
  • You can destroy poison bubbles using your whip or any other throwable items or close range weapons
  • Pangxie are a bit of a pain – if you approach them from above, they will start spitting poison bubbles. If you’re approaching from the sides, they will use their claws to try and get you. This attack has a really long range, and it’s not only the claw but the full arm that can hit you – and they can also destroy objects using them. It’s best to avoid them altogether whenever possible


  • Shooting a rope on the right angle can be used as decoy for traps, triggering before you make your move towards them
  • After you kill enemies such as Cavemen or Horned Lizards, you can use their bodies as heavy objects to crush other enemies. Just hit them with your whip to an area below, or throw after grabbing them
  • Arrows, bombs, these items will bounce at walls and back at you if you’re not helpful, damaging you as well
  • Destroying a campfire will give you a torchlight as loot
  • Stones can be extremely useful, they have a long range, can kill or stun enemies, and also be used as decoy for traps. If you happen to see one, make sure to grab it and just toss it before heading into a new area as a safety measure – although we recommend you sticking to it for as long as you can
  • If you purchase a Wooden Shield or Metal Shield from the merchant, beware not to push the rest of the available items out of the store, or it will count as robbing and trigger the fight
  • You can pick up chests, but you won’t be able to take them with you to other rooms
  • If you purchase a gift from the merchant, destroy it with your whip to reveal the item inside
  • If you have an Idol but you’re afraid of dropping it to the wrong place, throw it against a wall on the opposite side of the merchant himself and it will count just fine
  • If you throw a second rope on the same angle as the first, they will attach and become a single, longer rope
  • Contrary to what you might think at first, ropes don’t need a roof to work, you can throw them wherever you want and they will attack to the walls regardless
  • The time window is short, but if you throw a bomb right in front of you and don’t have room to dodge, use your whip to push it a few steps away from you
  • You can throw items upwards, which can be great if you’re using something as a decoy for a trap
  • When you have a lighted torch, get close to other torches to light them up as well
  • You don’t need to grab the boomerang once it returns to you, your character will do so automatically
  • Ropes can be set on fire if they become in contact with lava, torches, or fireballs – if they do, they will slowly consume themselves, so there’s a very tiny window for you to use in case it happens and you’re close enough to it
  • Shields can be really useful to prevent you from getting injured, but they have the downside of pushing everything in front of you while you’re wielding them – if you are about to pick up any important item, it’s best to either leave the shield on the floor beforehand or just jump on top of them – otherwise the item will be pushed down, or worse, destroyed if it hits a wall
  • Arrows that hit walls will stay there for a few seconds, before they fall down
  • You can actually use your pickaxe on the ground below by looking up while pressing the attack button
  • If you want to use a rope to head down but you always end up throwing it someplace else, just get close enough to the edge of the platform where you’re standing, crouch, and throw it – it will appear right next to you
  • Witnessing the death of a turkey can be tough, but as a (cruel) silver lining, they will drop a health item that will give you 1 heart



  • Beware of Bear Traps: they don’t only attack on your character’s height, but also above, just in case you try to climb them. They do not, however, have one on the top
  • If there’s a chest or an item blocking an arrow trap, and you trigger it, it will trespass the item and hit you either way
  • If there’s gold ingots close to a Bear Trap, get just close enough for the trap to trigger, and they’ll be pushed to your side
  • In the Jungle watch out for the tiles that have a thin silver line on them, since that means they will fall after you pass through them
  • Even if you think it’s harmless or you’re not even pointing at them, don’t use your whip against structures or items that are close to other friendly characters, since they will go aggro either way
  • The falling platforms in the Volcana level can damage other enemies if they drop on them
  • You can climb the chain of a spike ball trap once it has fallen down
  • Throwing bombs at lava will trigger the explosion automatically, so beware of either pools of lava or even the cauldrons being carried by the Imps
  • Hermit Crabs won’t always be visible at first, as they instead camouflage themselves as chests or moving blocks – if it’s the former, they will carry loot as a normal chest

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