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This Tony Hawk Tricks List includes all the tricks you can do in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Customize Your Combos

You can customize any all trick inputs! If you change them, keep in mind that the inputs listed for the standard tricks below will not apply. There are also some slots left unused when you start the demo where you can manually add more moves. Other slots, need to be unlocked!

Special Tricks

Special Tricks are sorted by type and from high to low points, within each type.

Grab Tricks
Trick Name Points
The 900 9,000
360 Varial McTwist 5,000
FS 540 4,500
Casper Flip 360 Flip 2,500
Kickflip Superman 1,500
Kickflip One Foot Tail 1,100
Flip Tricks
Kickflip Backflip 3,000
Hardflip Lateflip 1,500
540 Flip 1,450
360 Double Flip 1,450
Hardflip 1,450
Half Flip Casper 1,200
Hospital Flip 1,200
Heelflip Handflip 1,200
Quad Heelflip 1,200
Nollie Flip Underflip 1,050
Big Hitter II 500
Crail Slide 500
Nosegrind to Pivot 500
5-0 Overturn 500
Heelflip Darkslide 400
Hang Ten Nosegrind 400
Hurricane 400
Nose Grab Tailslide 400
Cab Flip FS Boardslide 400
Hardflip BS Nose Picker 400
Rusty Slide Manual 1,400
Nose Manual Nollie Inward Heel 1,400
One Foot One Wheel 1,400

General Tricks

Grab Tricks

Trick Name Default Combo
Nosegrab / Rocket Air Up, Circle
Madonna / Judo Upper Right (Diagonal), Circle
Indy / Stiffy Right, Circle
Airwalk / Christ Air Down Right (Diagonal), Circle
Tailgrab / One Foot Tailgrab Down, Circle
Benihana / Sack Tap Down Left (Diagonal), Circle
Melon / Method Left, Circle
Japan / One Foot Japan Up Left (Diagonal), Circle
Indy Nosebone / Del Mar Indy Up, Up, Circle
Crossbone / Crooked Cop Right, Right, Circle
Weedle / Seatbelt Air Down, Down, Circle
Wrap Around / Body Wrap Left, Left, Circle

Flip Tricks

Trick Name Default Combo
Impossible / Double Impossible Up, Square
Inward Heelflip / 360 Inward Heelflip Upper Right (Diagonal), Square
Heelflip / Double Heelflip Right, Square
Varial Heelflip / Laserflip Down Right (Diagonal), Square
Pop Shove-It / 360 Shove-It Down, Square
Vairal Kickflip / 360 Flip Down Left (Diagonal), Square
Kickflip / Double Kickflip Left, Square
Hardflip / 360 Hardflip Upper Left (Diagonal), Square
Sal Flip / 360 Sal Flip Up, Up, Square
FS Shove-It / 360 FS Shove-It Right, Right, Square
Ollie North / Ollie North Back Foot Flip Down, Down, Square
Ollie Airwalk / Ollie Airwalk Late Shove-It Left, Left, Square

Lip Tricks


Trick Name Default Combo
FS Noseblunt Up, Triangle
Switcheroo Upper Right (Diagonal), Triangle
BS Boneless Right, Triangle
One Foot Invert Down Right (Diagonal), Triangle
Reacharound Invert Down, Triangle
Gymnast Plant Down Left (Diagonal), Triangle
Tuck-knee Invert Left, Triangle
Andrect Invert Upper Left (Diagonal), Triangle

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