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The Trickster is one of the four main classes in Outriders. This page contains information on the Trickster Class capabilities, as well as guides on how to make use of their powers, skills to use, and the best builds for their class trees.

Trickster Attributes
Close Range. Hit and Run. Spacetime.
Strengths Mobility, Shield Generation, Strong Skills, Close Range Combat
Weaknesses Lower Health, Can be easily overwhelmed
Class Traits Receive an additional 5% Max Health. Active Shield grants 5% damage mitigation.
Healing Trait Every Close Range kill heals you by 20% of your Max Health and grants you 20% Shield.

When killing enemies up close, the Trickster will heal, as well as generate a small portion of Shield. While not as tanky as the Devastator, they can still cause massive damage up close, especially with their damage skills.

The Trickster has skills that inflict Weakness and Slow, allowing them to control a crowd and make enemies more vulnerable to the team’s attacks. Suspend them in the air, weaken them with a temporal knife or slow down time in an area.

The Trickster also has a number of movement skills at their disposal, allowing them to warp in and out of the fight as they need.

The Trickster is a great pick for Solo play, as they are able to heal just by dealing damage up close. The mobility skills keep them dangerous, but also swift enough to retreat when necessary.

  • As the name implies, this class is about deception and subterfuge, which isn’t easy in a shooter game. This is doubly so when you realize the main way to heal on the battlefield involves getting in close for your kills. Because of this, you’ll want to learn the best times to use your skills to ensure you can get in close, take out your foes, then retreat before getting overwhelmed.
  • No matter what you end up choosing for your skill slots, always be sure to have at least one Movement skill, as they will be vital not just for closing the distance, but for getting out of danger too – Tricksters won’t last long under sustained close fire.
  • Make sure to always pack a close range weapon like a Shotgun when playing as a Trickster, as you can not only improve your damage output in the class tree, but they’ll be vital for unloading quick high damage when moving into an enemy to get your health and shields back quickly.
  • You can use Movement skills like Hunt the Prey to quickly teleport to snipers or spotters and kill them quickly so you don’t get pinned down trying to take out front-line fighters.
  • Try to pair your Deception skills with Damage skills to quickly take out groups of opponents – like slowing them down with Slow Trap and following up with a Cyclone Slice before they can retaliate.
Trickster Skills
Skill Type Description
Temporal Blade Damage, Interrupt Paralyse and slice enemies in front of you, dealing damage and inflicting Slow and Interrupt to all targets.
Slow Trap Deception Create a spacetime Anomaly sphere that inflicts Slow onto enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds.
Hunt The Prey Movement Select an enemy and teleport behind them, receiving a Shield bonus.
Twisted Rounds Damage Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that increase your Fire Power. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons.
Cyclone Slice Damage, Interrupt Create a whirlwind of Anomaly blades that deal damage and Interrupt onto enemies within a small radius of you with every hit. The skill lasts 5 seconds.
Borrowed Time Movement Receive Shield and mark your location for 28 seconds. Triggering the skill again will bend spacetime and teleport you back to the marked spot.
Venator’s Knife Deception Throw a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet between a maximum of 5 enemies within a small radius, dealing damage and marking them. All marked targets will be inflicted by Slow, and for 10 seconds the first damage dealt by you will be doubled.
Time Rift Deception, Interrupt Create a shockwave that suspends enemies in the air, leaving them unable to fight for 3.5 seconds and inflicts Weakness.


Class Skill Tree Specializations
Assassin Increases Weapon Damage, especially at close range

Allows Skills to increase weapon damage

Major Specialization Abilities Shotgun Master (+15% Weapon Damage and Drop Rate for Shotguns)

Leap of Quietus (Activating Movement Skills increases Armor Piercing by 25% for 10s)

Disruptive Firepower (Activating Deception Skills increases Weapon Damage by 50% for 8s)

Outrider Executioner (Activating Movement Skills increase Weapons Damage by 50% for 8s)

Scion of Power (When Damage Skills end, increase Weapon Damage by 50% for 8s)

Transfusion (5% Weapon Leech)

Bounty Hunter (15% Weapon Damage Against Elites)

Oddity Summation (50% Magazine Size)

Cold Calculation (For each enemy in close range, Weapon Damage increased by 8%)

Harbinger Increases Health, Armour and Damage Resistance

Allows Skills to increase Shields/Damage Mitigation

Major Specialization Nodes Against the Odds (Reloading weapons deal damage and interrupt enemies when surrounded)

Wither Scything (Melee Skill applies Weakness)

Mitigation in Motion (When Damage Skills end, increase Damage Mitigation by 10% for 10s)

Long Odds (For each enemy in Close Range, Armor is increased by 15%)

Profit Squared (Every ammo pickup heals 5% of max health)

Disruption Shield (Activating Disruption Skills grant 20% Shields)

Reaver Increases Anomaly Power and Decreases Skill Cooldown

Allows Skills to increase Anomaly Power and Resistance Piercing

Major Specialization Nodes Assault Master (Increase Assault Damage by 3.5% for each unlocked Concentration Node)

Countershield (Activating Deception Skill increases Anomaly Power by 50% for 10s)

Combat Shield Timeline (Activating Movement Skills increases Anomaly Power by 50% for 10s)

Leap of Clincher (Activating Movement Skills increases Resistance Piercing by 25% for 10s)

Anomalic Acceleration (When Damage Skills end, increase Anomaly Power by 50% for 10S)

Scion of the Void (When Damage Skills end, increase Armor Piercing by 30% and Resistance Piercing by 25% for 10s)

Altered Executioner (For each Enemy in Close Range, Anomaly Power is increased by 10%)

This Assassin Build primarily focuses on increasing your raw damage output with weapons as much as possible, which is used best when combined with weapons like shotguns, and skills like Twisted Rounds and Hunt the Prey. Several of these nodes will also increase your damage at close range and from behind, making Slow Trap a good third skill to have.

Most of major Nodes you’ll be picking up in this tree will increase your damage output outright, or for a limited time after using Deception and Movement Skills. This works incredibly well by triggering Twisted Rounds and then warping in close to groups of enemies to shred them to pieces while the damage buff is active – giving you an even bigger boost once you get the final node that increases damage for every enemy close to you.

You should also consider investing in gear mods that make your enemies even more vulnerable to your attacks after using deception and movement skills, letting you tear through groups fast to get health back quicker.

The lower Reaver Tree can also be viable for those who wish to prioritize anomaly damage skills over close range shooting, but the middle tree for Harbinger is not worth specializing in due to its focus on survival rather than offense, and given that the Trickster is supposed to a glass cannon, getting a bit more defense is not going to make much of a difference unless you find yourself dying too much.

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