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There are 10 Weapon Locations in Doom Eternal. You start off with the Shotgun, Doom Blade, and Chainsaw, so it isn’t necessary to list their locations. You can find most Weapon Locations by looking for green holograms of their outlines in missions.

You acquire the BFG-9000 and Crucible weapons during the Mars Core and Taras Nabad levels, so you won’t see green holograms for these. There’s also a secret way to get the Unmakyr weapon.

There isn’t a new weapon to collect in each mission, and some levels have two to find, so be sure not to miss any. You’ll find the 10 Weapon Locations below, with specific points to follow for each further down the page.

  • Heavy Cannon
  • Equipment Launcher
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Super Shotgun
  • Ballista
  • Chaingun
  • BFG 9000
  • The Crucible
  • Unmakyr

Heavy Cannon

The first of the Weapon Locations is found during Hell on Earth. After you defeat a horde of demons, including your first Arachnatron encounter, a gate will be unlocked at the far side.

Jump to the next area and climb up the ledge. You’ll see the Heavy Cannon hologram in front of you.

Equipment Launcher


You get this when you enter the Fortress of Doom for the first time. Just pick it up from the pedestal by following your objective marker.

Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is located on the Exultia mission. After you enter the portal in Exultia, you’ll travel to a new lava filled region. The Plasma Rifle is right in front of you before you take on some demons.

Rocket Launcher

You’ll find the Rocket Launcher on the Cultist Base mission. Head into an area with two Mancubus demons to fight, as well as some light infantry including Imps and Gargoyles. The Rocket Launcher is on the ledge in front of you before you engage with them.

Super Shotgun

Located in Cultist Base. You’ll be tasked with controlling a Revenant demon to acquire this one. Simply clear out the enemies in the next area and the Super Shotgun will descend in its own protective casing. Fly up as the Revenant to get your hands on it.


You’ll get the Ballista in the Fortress of Doom after you complete Cultist Base. Follow the objective marker down a level to pick it up.


Pick up the Chaingun weapon in the Super Gore Nest. Before you head into the area with the toxic water, you’ll see it behind a locked door. Complete this part of the mission and, on your way back out, the door will be unlocked. Grab the weapon before you leave.


This one is found on the Mars Core mission. The BFG-9000 is inside the BFG-10000 cannon. Progress through the level until you make your way inside, watch the cutscene, and you’ll have added it to your arsenal.

The Crucible

This is in Taras Nabad. You spend the entirety of the mission getting your Crucible sword back. At the level’s end, you’ll add it to your weapons catalog.


The last of the Weapon Locations is found on the Fortress of Doom. To get your hands on it, you’ll have to complete all six Slayer Gates.

Each one gives you an Empyrean Key for beating them. You can use the Empyrean Keys to break the locks on the Ummakyr vault at the back of your floating hub. Once all six have been used, you’ll be gifted the Unmakyr.

To find out where you can get your hands on the Frag Grenade ability and other Praetor Suit upgrades, check out our Suit Ability Locations guide.

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